Based in London, we offer amazing beauty products across the UK. We’re proud of the beauty products that we’ve created, and each bottle is completely handmade. All of our ingredients are completely natural, and this is great for your skin and hair. We’ve been providing these products since 2014, and we’re looking forward to developing our skills as time goes on. For a great product, choose Heavens Touch today.

When I decided in May 2014 that I'd had enough of my lifeless and damaged tresses I cut them off and 'big chopped', a common phenomenon being seen and done by many women in the YouTube community. 

I prepared myself to learn my true and natural hair all over again, I prepared myself to embark on a journey of self discovery and self love through getting to know my hair from scratch. I was prepared to do all I could to ensure my hair was naturally healthy.
What I could not have prepared for was the frustration, tedium and the dissatisfaction that came with maintaining and managing my hair. Using the product ranges available in my local stores and online it was almost impossible for my hair to flourish or reach its full potential.
My hair was constantly dry, it didn't matter how many times I conditioned or changed regimes, I had the same flat and disappointing results. Doing my hair became a chore and what was supposed to be an enjoyable journey quickly turned into unsatisfactory experience.
However I refused to forget why I started this journey in the first place! I refused to feel discouraged, dissatisfied and disappointed with my hair. Instead I started to do something that would unlock a passion inside of me I never knew existed; I started to research. For months on end I submerged myself into a whirlpool of research and the results were eye opening.

After countless months of research I had uncovered that a multiude of products which have been made readily available for us were laden with chemically treated oils, SLS, parabens, petroleum, mineral oils and silicones. These are harsh and harmful chemicals which strip your hair and skin of it's goodness , disturb the PH of our skin and leave us with dry hair and skin. To my amazement the products that I had become so accustomed to using were potentially harmful to me.

These are the findings that sparked a zeal within me to create something different. What would now be know as Heavens Touch.
Heaven's Touch was birthed out of my personal desire that I wanted to give my hair the best care possible and for it to be nourished with natural based ingredients that not only were good for me but provide that much needed TLC my hair deserved.
Using some of mother natures finest ingredients Heavens Touch products are made formaldehyde, paraben, petroleum, mineral oil, silicone and SLS free.

Our products are enriched with unrefined exotic butters, botanical extracts and cold pressed oils from all over the world.
All of which have been carefully selected for a bespoke and luxury experience for everyone to enjoy.
Heaven's Touch products have been designed to restore, repair, and to provide nourishment just for you
The way I see it everyone needs TLC so why not indulge yourself with a touch of opulence, a touch of wellness, with an intrinsic touch of Heaven.

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